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Lyn McCreanor fine art photographic print.


TROPHY WINNERS  - Names forever etched in silver. Certainly once received with pride, determination and overwhelming joy. Now an anonymous name gracing a strangers mantle and used as a prop, a beautiful and enduring piece in my collection.

Photographic Print {trophy winners}

  • + Fine art print is printed on heavy weight French archival cotton rag paper

    + Prints come unframed

    + Available in three sizes 

    small (14.8cm x 21cm) gift boxed $75 

    medium (32 x 45cm) $180

    large (50cm x 70cm) $360

    + Custom sizes are available on request

    + All prints are signed in pencil by photographer Lyn McCreanor

    + Medium and Large prints are Limited Edition and are numbered

    + Unframed fine art prints are sent from my studio within 10 business days, safely packaged in a reinforced cardboard tube

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