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Lyn McCreanor is an Australian photographer, stylist and maker. 

I have always chased beauty, light, texture and flavour.  

In 2009 working with my  brother, Chef Simon Lawson to style and set up Agape Organic Restaurant I started taking pictures of the food for marketing purposes. This is when my love of photography became more than just a hobby. Taking a couple of years off to study the art of taking pictures with some of my all time favourite photographers and stylists was a dream come true. 

There is something so captivating about photography. It draws you in, opens your mind to adventure and inspires hope. It is a moment in time forever captured whether it be in the pages of a book, hanging on a wall or a forgotten box filled with treasures to rediscover. 


I love working with natural light. Both bright and light and dark and moody resonates in my photography. My passion is creating beautiful images for brands that stand out from the crowd. Having a consistent flow of high quality images to market your business online is essential. With social media your reach is not only local but global so you need a good portfolio of images at your fingertips. I am here to fill the gap and style and shoot great assets for your brand.

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is my 4 year old daughter Rosie who is purely delightful and knows how to work the camera already! 

In my spare time I write for my lifestyle blog and you can also find me mostly on Instagram. 

I am a maker and creator at heart. I love adding beauty to a space and photography is a medium that captures a moment in time that I hope brings joy , hope and stillness to the eye.




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