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Little One Miniatures

maker of ready-to-wear and couture pieces for maileg mice and other mini's for your modern dollhouse

This is a tale of the unexpected. In the year 2020 the world turned upside down, a little topsy turvy as a matter of fact. Most of us were stuck at home for an unusually extended period of time. Creatives everywhere took this opportunity to spark their imagination and got busy making, creating and writing. The world slowed down and on the bright side we had that precious commodity of time, so we connected with family and soaked in the beauty right before us.

As a little girl and even now as a mama I am fascinated by anything miniature. In the early 70's I loved watching the television series 'The Land of the Giants' just to see the small humans navigate their way through a giant world, I was intrigued. Of course even as a child I knew it was just the magic of the screen and a whole lot of special effects, but WOW it was pretty cool.

So my hands got busy and my creative mind was excited to make tiny outfits for my daughter's mice collection. Believe me it is almost a mouse plague with how many mice needed clothes for any and every occasion. All pieces are handmade by me, packaged, styled and they have their very own photo shoot to boot! Such blessed little mice they are! 

I have been overwhelmed by all the love and interest over on instagram @littleoneminiatures. Unfortunately, I have had to postpone my first release and the good news is it will still be in July 2021. I will message exact date and time to those that have direct messaged me on Instagram or emailed me. So set your calendar as most outfits will only have one of each size and colourway. In time I will make more but as a side hustle and a solo mama time will not always permit me to indulge in making a mini production of these pretties. Plus I have so many ideas!


Each outfit will come with it's very own mini metal coat hanger. They will be complete outfits, including either a scarf, handbag, headpiece or accessory to make your mice look all the more fabulous! Email me at if you would like to be notified the timing of any new releases. 

Lots of Love,

Lyn + Rosie xx

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