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Lyn McCreanor fine art photographic print.


HE IS RISEN - The cross is a symbol of love, hope and devotion. The beauty and intricacy of our creator can be found in all creation. One of my favourite things to do is to beachcomb. Collecting shells is filled with such wonder. Taking time with each uniquely crafted shell and appreciating each groove, pattern and colours. Just as we are all created one-of-a-kind and worthy of time to be loved just as we are.

Photographic Print {He is Risen}

  • + Fine art print is printed on heavy weight French archival cotton rag paper

    + Prints come unframed

    + Available in three sizes 

    small (14.8cm x 21cm) gift boxed $75 

    medium (32 x 45cm) $180

    large (50cm x 70cm) $360

    + Custom sizes are available on request

    + All prints are signed in pencil by photographer Lyn McCreanor

    + Gift boxed sized prints are open editions, not limited editions.

    + Medium and Large prints are Limited Edition and are numbered

    + Unframed fine art prints are sent from my studio within 10 business days, safely packaged in a reinforced cardboard tube

    + Images may not be reproduced as this is a breach of the copyright laws. If you wish to use images please email for permission.

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