LOM Advent Calendar with Little Sister Maileg Mouse, Christmas Outfit Set and Miniature Accessories to open each day from the 1st December until Christmas Day. 

You receive the advent calendar with 25 pockets and each gift beautifully wrapped.

Day 1 Little Sister Maileg Mouse

Day 2 Christmas Treats - 2 gingerbread men, heart cupcake, pudding and 2 candy canes

Day 3 Wooden Chopping Board and Rolling Pin

Day 4 Ladybird Pegs (4)

Day 5 Christmas Stocking

Day 6 Wooden Egg Cup + Eggs (2)

Day 7 Peppermint Candy in Jar

Day 8 Metal Rocking Horse

Day 9 Wooden Toy Train

Day 10 Vintage Green Rotary Telephone

Day 11 Video Camera

Day 12 Vintage Crochet Rug in Green

Day 13 Christmas Treats - reindeer cake, snowflake shortbread cookies (2), candy canes (2), heart cookies (5)

Day 14 Gold Wrapped Christmas Present

Day 15 Christmas Tree

Day 16 Cheese (3)

Day 17 Red Cushion

Day 18 Gold Metal Plates (2), Forks (2) and Knives (2)

Day 19 Gingerbread Baking Tray and Cookie Cutter

Day 20 Gold Clutch Purse with Star Detail

Day 21 Deckchair

Day 22 Gold Goblets (2)

Day 23 Gold Table Doilies 

Day 24 Soldier Christmas Ornament

Day 25 LOM Christmas Outfit Set in Green with Gold Crown

LOM Advent Calendar with 25 Miniature Gifts